“You should have been in my shoes probably then you would have understood me” He said with watery eyes. There was so much anger but the pain was more. Their every word pierced their heart, breaking the bond they had which was once considered, strongest. It was now tearing apart with every argument they were having. Agony, agitation, frustration and pain were evident in that argument. Both with their watery eyes were trying to prove each other’s points and claiming to be better friend than the other. They were blaming each other for sabotaging the bond they have had. It continued for a while, led to nothing but the end of a chapter.

Does it ring any bell?

Does this situation sound familiar?

Does it remind you of something? Or someone? Or a situation?

We all have been through some circumstances where we choose the situation over the person. We get blinded by the temporary pain that situation has caused us and forget how important that person had been to us. Because, we consider that temporary pain to be way too much for us and think instead of saving us from it, they have betrayed us.

But, have they?

Relationship vows are considered as sacred as a wedding where we make unspoken vows of being with a person in every situation. Then how can a bad situation define that entire bond, which, one claims is the strongest. Why do we lack empathy then? It is not because we don’t have it. Rather, we let other thoughts and circumstances cloud our judgement and sensibility.

Sometimes life brings us to the point where we feel, we are brought to our knees and have a no way out. But is that true? Because, once we pass that phase, we realize that it wasn’t the end of this world. Then why was that the end of something you had intended to cherish for lifetime.

If you are reading this, then take a pause now, and just think of an instance when you had something beautiful that got lost in such battles- something which was so beautiful that you never wanted it to be jinxed. Turn few pages back, go down your memory lane and find your person. If you have lost someone in this battle, ask yourself: was it really worth? If your answer is: yes; then he wasn’t your person.

Indeed, it is a two -way job. One of them might have failed but wasn’t it the job of other to hold them tight? The other may be weak but stronger among them, when one falls weak, should balance that relationship.

So, if you have lost that relationship then pick up that phone and reach out. Be that strong end. You may resume from where you left off and if you’re still unable to retrieve in spite of your efforts then move on. When the time comes, remember what is permanent: the person or the situation.

P.S — This article is dedicated to my strong wheels of friendship Ryan & Gurjinder… love you guys ….

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